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One of the most common disasters with over 1.3 million  fires reported in the United States in 2015 alone, fire damage is a very serious yet relatively common disaster. No matter the cause, B.A.G. Remodelers Inc. is the solution. Over the years and through a wide range of fire restoration projects we have gained skill, expertise, and demonstrated compassion in our work making us a leader in fire restoration services and customer care.


A destructive element that can cause injury and even death, we take fire restoration seriously. Whether caused naturally, intentionally, or by negligence, it is important to clean up, restore your home to it's original glory, and get your life back on track.


Arguably worse and even more common than fire damage, water damage can be caused by a multitude of sources and affects one in 10 homes in the United states. With factors such as  flooding caused by major rainfall, improper sewer maintenance, and burst pipes occurring in the millions, it’s important to have an experienced water damage restoration company on call that you can rely on.

At B.A.G. Remodelers Inc., our aim is to provide just that. Experiencing water buildup in your home will ruin your day and is one of the most stressful situations a homeowner can be in. Don’t make it any worse by delaying a call to restoration services.


There are disaster cleanup companies that can get the job done, and there are emergency restoration experts who go the extra mile. B.A.G. Remodelers Inc. is one of the latter. For years we have been focused on providing support and compassion during the restoration process to families who have been through natural disasters that tore their homes and lives apart.

In these times of distress, it’s important to have a support group to lean on, and we believe that your restoration team should be a part of this group. We are a general contractor that puts your family's needs first and guarantees your satisfaction.


A call to B.A.G. Remodelers Inc. is a call for your own confidence—an assurance the job will be done right.