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When considering remodeling a room in your home, or building an addition onto it, what would you consider to be the thing that holds that project together? At B.A.G. Remodelers Inc., we know it’s your licensed general contractor.

Skilled workmanship is required for any project, so your team of builders must be up to the task. In order for the whole team to function flawlessly and get the results you want, the best person to manage that job is the right construction contractor.

Save money, get the best materials, and have everything completed properly on time with an experienced contractor, B.A.G. Remodelers. 


At B.A.G. Remodelers Inc. you’re not just hiring any general contractor. We go out of our way to only employ the best tradesmen in the business to make sure you get the quality you desire.​ Before the start of any build and before any contracts are signed, we insist upon face-to-face meetings to make sure we’re on the same page as you to complete your build exactly the way you want it to be completed.

The three points to keep in mind when hiring a contractor are:

  • Are they on time?

  • Do they have a transparent history?

  • Do they work with the same team?

A contractor who cannot arrive to meetings on time likely will not put much care into the build itself. Additionally, if you can’t see reviews and a portfolio, that is further proof of a lack of care. If they don’t have the same team and contractors they work with on a regular basis, then your builders will be unreliable as well.

Hire B.A.G. Remodelers Inc. and rest easy knowing that you’re hiring the best. Call us today to speak with your future build team!