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Did you know you can give your kitchen that face lift it’s been needing in 24 hours at competitive rates? It is really possible thanks to cabinet refinishing. At B.A.G. Remodelers Inc. we specialize in cabinet refinishing and our skilled craftsman are ready to help you make your dream kitchen come true.

When you think about the part of your kitchen that makes the biggest impression, cabinetry might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But think again. Cabinetry takes up a large portion of your kitchen space, and if it looks badly made or old, it can ruin the overall appearance of the space.

Over the years it’s been assumed that if you don’t like your cabinets, you’ll have to replace them. But we’re here to tell you that’s not the case.


When it comes to time and money, refinishing your cabinets is the best option for someone who doesn’t want to overhaul their kitchen’s entire look, but just wants to freshen up and add some style to the room.

B.A.G. Remodelers Inc. can refinish cabinets in a day, leaving them to cure for 24 hours before applying a second coat of sealer. After another 24 hours they will be completely finished. This is just a fraction of the time needed for a full cabinet replacement which takes three work days minimum, going up to five or more depending on number of cabinets and style.

When it comes to cost, cabinet refinishing is around 50% less than full replacement and the results can be just as good if not better. Save your time and money, and hire B.A.G. Remodelers Inc. to bring your cabinetry back to life. Your kitchen will look brand new and your home’s value will increase, plus you will get to enjoy the space for many years to come.

On its own or as part of an entire kitchen renovation, refinishing is a great option that many of our clients have been more than satisfied with. As a reminder we provide in-home estimates and warranty all of our work for a minimum of one year.